Your wealth management practice… elevated.

Do you want to spend your time trying to keep up with the moving targets in our industry, like regulatory changes and technology?  Or, perhaps you want to make the decisions related to key factors like your compensation, quotas and revenues.  It’s time you get back to focusing on what attracted you to this business in the first place – helping others improve their financial life.

Through Fragasso’s Independent Advisor Solutions, you can retain your independence and utilize these valuable resources to help grow your practice. We also help maximize your practice by providing solutions to clients looking for retirement plan services or institutional services for endowment and non-profit funds.


You’re ready for the next phase. Your clients’ needs … solved.

Are you contemplating a change?  Maybe you’re ready for retirement or perhaps a career change.  Whatever the reason, you’ll want to plan for your clients’ future as well.

You’ll want to provide them with a firm where their needs are the top priority.  An experienced, award winning firm whose every action is guided by what is best for the client. Together, let’s discuss how Fragasso’s Independent Advisor Solutions can benefit you and your clients.

Succession Plan

Your business succession planning needs… determined.

Are you part of the one third of advisors expecting to retire in the next 10 years?*  Will you be one of them?  How will you proceed?

More than likely, you’ve probably told a few clients “saying you’re going to make a plan is not a plan”.  You owe it to yourself, your employees and to your clients, to preserve what you have built.  Let’s consider the key factors such as your legacy, financial and emotional aspects.  Whether it’s a long-term transition or you’re ready to sell now, together, we can develop a solution that can be beneficial for all.

*Financial Advisor Magazine, December 2019


Your opportunity to feel supported and valued.

Is your current employment situation becoming burdensome? Are you frustrated with arbitrary compensation changes, no management support and little administrative help? There may be a better way.

Imagine your future in a culture where you’re looked upon as an individual and where there are people and resources to support you. In fact, at Fragasso Financial Advisors, the employees are all owners through an employee stock ownership program. There is a collaborative management team, in-house portfolio management professionals and a codified client experience. It’s a client-centric culture where every recommendation and decision are made with our clients’ best interest in mind.

Robert YelenovskyRobert J. Yelenovsky, AIF®

Executive Vice President
The Investment Advisory Group, LLC

“Having years of experience working for a few of the national firms, I was not getting the personal service I needed to run my practice. I needed scalability to grow, and Fragasso is structured to offer specialties in all areas of the business. Having the ability to access key resources like portfolio management, technology and financial planning support enables me to reach my full potential and to be available to my clients more regularly. By associating with Fragasso, it has provided my practice with the best offerings available in the marketplace to my clients. I also have the peace of mind that I can rely on their professionals for knowledge and support when needed.”