Starting Your Own Practice: The Independence Guide for Investment Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs and Other Professional Service Providers, 2nd Edition

By: Robert Fragasso

In the first edition of Starting Your Own Practice, Fragasso provided the blueprint for professionals looking to go into business for themselves, from the decision to break free to the formation process and then to managing the business that was created.

Starting Your Own Practice, Second Edition will repeat and refine those steps, incorporating Fragasso’s 15 additional years of practical experience and adding more depth on management considerations, transition to business maturity, and eventual profitable business succession. This second edition will also include alternative ideas on how to strike out on one’s own, such as licensing of services and infrastructure to make the independence move quicker, easier to assimilate, and less costly.

Going into business for yourself requires careful thought and consideration, but with Starting Your Own Business as your guide, you’ll quickly learn how to turn the dream of owning an independent business into reality.

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