If you own your practice, do you feel that there is never enough time to focus on your objectives? Or, are you an employee at a firm where you're growth and success is hampered by proprietary products, quotas and arbitrary corporate decisions?

Now is the time to evaluate your options.

Retain or seek your independence and utilize Fragasso’s valuable resources to help grow your practice. Seize the opportunity to return to your true passion… helping clients pursue their financial dreams. We offer solutions and support including:

  • Industry provider services at scale
  • In-house institutional management with low/no cost investments
  • Latest integrated technology
  • Compliance-friendly oversight and processes
  • White-label marketing resources and more…

Together, let’s discuss how Fragasso Financial Advisors can serve as a beneficial solution for you and for your clients. Speak directly to our Manager of Human Resource & Recruitment by calling 412.227.3228 or complete the contact form to schedule a phone consultation at your convenience. Let’s talk!

Your Guide to Independence

Starting Your Own Practice: The Independence Guide for Investment Advisors, Attorneys, CPAs and Other Professional Service Providers, 2nd Edition
Written by Robert Fragasso in 2020

Starting your own PracticeStarting Your Own Practice, Second Edition will provide the blueprint for professionals looking to go into business for themselves, from the decision to break free to the formation process and then to managing the business that was created.

Going into business yourself requires careful thought and consideration, but with Starting Your Own Business as your guide, you’ll quickly learn how to turn the dream of owning an independent business into reality.

Available now at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.